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Benefits of Painting Your Home ́s Interior and Exterior

As a homeowner you know a beautiful paint job can make all the difference in how a building looks NEW or OLD. However, is not something aesthetic also offers a wide range of benefits. To understand why an interior and exterior painting project is so important, here are some advantages we can provide you with just a few coats of paint.

Raise Your Property Value

Painting jobs are one of the best ways to improve the value of your home and save money at the same time. It makes your home look attractive to impress prospective buyers, it is a smart cost-effective solution to give your home a renewed look, can be like a minor cosmetic repair but painting it is a great way to get a big return on your investment.

Protect Your Property

Many homeowners do not often think about cleaning their walls. The maintenance works in your walls that have been sitting for months or years without a cleaning job, will help remove dirt and grime has subtly accumulated. After a new home painting project, you can rest assured that your walls be cleaned and refreshed. Before they are painted, they have to be cleaned and prepped properly. Once the new paint is applied, your walls will have renewed protection avoiding all kinds of moisture and dirt common in the state of Florida. 

The Interior paint works similar to exterior paint. Paint keeps out moisture, preventing mold or mildew in your environment. It also protect your family from dust, and allergens from your walls and repels dirt. If you have an older property with plaster walls, the paint  is an easy way to protect your walls and prevent deterioration.

Personalize Your Space

Normally when you purchase a new home, it has already been painted and the colors on the walls might be fine, but with the other person's style, or they may not perfectly match with your furniture or décor. Sometimes if is a old building that one have an unattractive wallpaper that has been bothering you. What we are trying to say is you can personalize your spaces in your new home to suit your own tastes. You can opt to use bright colors or just paint with neutral tones your walls, TPT Painting will show you the wide color palette to make your own home style and this one reflect your personality and taste. We work with high-quality products giving to you a proffesional painting service you need to have your home renovated and fresh look.


Interior Painting

Our process Step by Step

  • Patch nail holes and sand.

  • Clean baseboards before painting.

  • Remove all the swich plates.

  • Cover floor, countertops.

  • Switch plates will be re installed after painting.

  • Any imperfection on walls will be sanded smooth.

Paint Ceiling

  • Ceilings will be rolled.

  • 2 coats.

  • Sherwin Williams promar 200 recommend finish.

Painting Walls

  • 2 coats of Sherwin Williams will be used

  • Paint is 0 v.o.c.

  • Will be rolled with 1 inch rollers

  • Recommend flat finish

  • And Satin for kitchen and bathrooms

Doors and Baseboards

  • Doors and baseboards will be rolled with microfiber roller.

  • Recommend SemiGloss or High Gloss.

  • Paint will be pro classicfrom Sherwin Williams

Interior Warranty

  • 5 years if paint fades or peels

  • Make lines in a accent wall in entrance walls

  • Could make them 12 inch apart different colors


Exterior Painting

Pressure Cleaning

  • Walls, Windows, Fascia, Trim, Doors will be washed.

  • Will dig around foundation where there is dirt, mulch, and rock to wash as low as possible.

Exterior Preparation

  • Caulk windows and doors.

  • Hairline cracks will be patched with elastomeric patch.

  • Cracks Bigger then hairline will be patched with stucco patch.

  • Windows, landscaping, floors, light fixtures will be covered.

  • Peeling paint will be scraped and patched with Elastomeric patch.

Applying Sealer

  • We will spray clear sealer on the walls to cover up any chalky paint.

(It is important to always apply sealer before applying paint)


  • Recommend Sherwin Williams Super Paint.

  • Recommend Satin for walls and gloss for doors and trim.

  • Walls will be sprayed and back rolled.

  • Trim will be rolled.

  • If house has gutters recommend painting (Same price).

  • Doors will be sprayed for fine finish.


  • 10 year warranty if paint peels or fades

Wash Roof & Driveway


Cabinets Painting


  • Cover all floors, windows and fixtures with cardboard paper and plastic.

  • Remove switch plates and re install when finished.

  • Remove handles.

  • Caulk around cabinets.

  • Light sand cabinets and clean with acetone after.


  • Applyone coat with oil base primer sprayed on both side of doors and cabinets framing.

  • Check and lightly sand before final coats.

Kitchen Painting (Cabinets)

  • Paint 2 coats with Pro Classic oil recommend Satin finish.

  • Put back all hinges and door knobs.

  • Let dry for 24hs before using.

Interior Warranty

  • 5 years if paint fades

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