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Remodeling in 2021 Everything You Need To Know 

We have two factors to consider when it comes to renovations in those days, what needs to be done to make your home as renewed as possible and what investments are more important to the re-sale value. Not sure where to begin? TPT Painting Inc have a group of experts who can suggest to you what changes to make first.

Painting Services

If your plan is to be in the house for around 5 years, our experts recommends to maintain the health of your walls, your home and family protected with a fresh coat of paint. These types of projects are a good opportunity to give your home a truly personal feel, something simple and that will not affect the value of your home (negatively), after all, the paint jobs are temporary. We say that “With a small investment you can make a big impact”. 

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Kitchen Painting Cabinets 

Trends in cabinet renovation

The trending we’ve seen in 2020 and that it will continue in 2021 are Clean-lined Cabinets. Cabinets with seamless lines and minimal hardware usually goes with an endless wall, are all the rage for modern and minimalistic kitchens that everyone wants to have in your home.


Drywall Repairs

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Crown Molding & Baseboards


Popcorn Removal

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